Tired of always struggling to make a positive change in your life, only for it to all unravel once the program is over? Most people, including health professionals, treat health change as a race or project to be completed as fast as possible, you go all out so that once it is done you can relax and go back to your previous ways. But this does not work for most people; your old ways are what got you into trouble in the first place! So then you gain back more than you lost, and sign up for another 6 week intensive to lose it again, only to stop again after, and keep the cycle going.  This isn’t a good place to be, and I know!

Despite all my education on health and exercise I was not doing everything I should. In 2016 my weight had just carried me into the obese category on the BMI chart (a useless metric, but it woke me up). How was it that I knew so much about staying in shape, but could have grown so fat? With a lot of self reflection I discovered that although I knew what I needed to do, I didn’t know how to implement it in my life.  And I realized that this is the same for most people, you know what you need to do to lose that weight you want to; you just don’t know how to do it. So I shifted my focus and started to study more about psychology of change and developed my own habit based system for personal change.

A habit based approach is different in that you don’t go all out; you make small gradual changes to your lifestyle; with the goal being implementing the process and not the result. Each change makes a positive impact, becomes ingrained as a habit and thus part of a sustainable new lifestyle. With this new system in hand, my wife and I both lost about 40lb each in five months; yes, it was sometimes hard implementing the new habit, but once it was established it required very little willpower to maintain and it felt like the weight was just melting away. And honestly I could live this way forever, it requires no complicated measuring of all your food, no deprivation, and no great amount of willpower just to keep it going to the next day. In fact, once you have a habit fully ingrained it takes effort and feels really weird to not do it.

Another great benefit of habit based change is that when you fall off the wagon, which is almost a certainty, instead of going back to zero, you will probably only fall back a habit or two. This limits your weight re-gain, and even allows you to take a break from implementing new habits without losing all your progress. It also means that if you ever have to stop training with me (why would you want to do that? I don’t know!) you will be able to keep and maintain the progress we had made together!

If you need help with your healthy habit acquisition I offer healthy habit coaching along with personal training (physical activity being one of the healthy habits). The exact split of how many coaching to training sessions will be determined by what ratio will be the most beneficial to you.

I utilize a hybrid coaching model. This consists of in-home visits (in the Sarnia region) along with online support between visits. The price of your monthly investment will vary depending on the number of in-home sessions you require each month. I have chosen this format to best support your health. As someone who has suffered chronic illness for most of my life I know how hard it can sometimes be to get to the gym, or even out of the house, although those harder times are when you would benefit the most from my help. If I had had someone who could have visited, instead of having to find a way to the gym to see them, would have helped me maintain my routine and recover a lot faster.

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