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So I waited a little longer than I had intended to give my review of this product. I have now been using it for a whole year.

Initially I was a little disappointed, I found the size to be a little too small for my feet, which are a little on the large side. I found that I still preferred to use my NANO on the soles of my feet for releases, and their original massage balls are a better size and hardness for me. I would have given a negative review, but since on the surface it seemed like such a great product I was sure there must be some way to make use of it. Fast forward to last winter, I found I was getting cramps in my hands quite regularly after being out in the cold, so I tried using the MobiPoint and it worked wonders. My other self massage tools were all too large and I found it hard to get enough pressure using my fingers, but by placing the MobiPoint on my desk and using it to release my forearms and hands I was able to get relief.

Now for my review of the product itself:


It appears that TriggerPoint has used the same innovations that they pioneered with the GRID to create this ball. The outside is soft, however when you try to squeeze the ball it feels as though there is a much harder core on the inside. As with the GRID this allows the outside to be pleasantly soft, while still allowing you to get the pressure you need. This is important, and sets it apart from many of its competitors as if the outside of the ball was too hard it would be painful and cause the muscles to tense up instead of relax, and if it was too soft you would not be able to get the pressure needed. I also love how the knobblies are flat instead of pointed, this coupled with the softness means that the sensation of rolling with this ball is very pleasant instead of painful.


As I said before I found the ball to be a little too small for my feet, it is still useable, but I have other tools that work better. Its small size does however confer a couple of advantages. First it makes it a fantastic tool for use of the hands and forearms. It also means it is very portable; you can even keep it in your pocket, the original Trigger Point massage ball is a little too big to fit comfortably. This means that is a great tool to take with you, I still use it for my feet when I am out as it is more practical than some of my other tools.


I have seen it being sold for between $10 and $15. So the cost is pretty low, it is higher than some competitors, but in absolute terms the difference in price is so small that there is no reason not to buy this product because of the cost.

Overall I think this is a great product. After getting over my initial disappointment with it for use on my feet I did find the perfect use for it for my hands and forearms. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who gets cramps or pains in the forearms and hands, but if you want it primarily for use on the feet I would suggest looking at the NANO or original Trigger Point massage balls.

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