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Hi and welcome to Evolved Habits! My name is Max and this is my new blog. I thought I would start off by explaining what this blog will be about.

I chose the name Evolved Habits because I think it neatly sums up what I will be writing about. I believe in a habit, or behaviour, model to health and wellness. Your habits define and create who you are; by changing them you have the best chances for long term success in bettering yourself. I also use the story of human evolution to set the stage and as a filter to look at health matters; this makes it easier to understand why the human body behaves in a certain way, and how best to instruct it to change.

I have a lot of exciting things planned for this blog. Nutrition is one of the main pillars of health and cooking is one of my hobbies (the outlet for my creativity, do you have one? If you don’t you should probably find one). As such I spend a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting to find delicious yet healthy meals. I will be sharing recipes and video guides regularly.

Sleep is another of the main pillars, and something that fascinates me, so I will be sharing a lot of tips about that as well. Exercise is also high on the list, so I will be writing extensively on that too; with a focus on barefoot science, fascia, and the neurological aspects of exercise. I will also talk about other subjects, such as goal setting or even personal finance. What does this have to do with health and wellness? Well stress is seen as a contributing factor to many diseases, and what is supposed to be the number one cause of stress? Financial problems.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will stick around because some real content will be coming in just a couple of days!


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